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Rochester, MN

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Delia Agnote Tarango
The Parker was a great place to spend the summer! I enjoyed the privacy of my own room while making new friends in the kitchen. Everything was clean and updated and the owners are very friendly. It is extremely welcoming and comfortable and perfect for anyone working at Mayo Clinic or nearby!
Kyla Swain
A HUGE shout out to Kari and Andy at the Parker. My Father in law was in Rochester receiving treatment and we needed to find a place for my Mother in law to stay and after extensive research we chose the Parker and so glad we did. Keri went out of her way on so many different levels. My mother in law started out on the second floor and was having a hard time with the stairs and I just mentioned to Keri and a room on the main level was going open up within a few days. We know Keri put in extra time to get that room ready and to accommodate my mother in law. And one evening my mother in law was trying to do laundry and she was having trouble with the new style wash machines because she has never used one. All I did was text Keri and her husband Andy was on his way over. They treated us like we were family members. I would recommend The Parker to anyone who needs a place to stay for an extensive amount of time. Their rates are beyond reasonable and walking distance to the hospital. Hats off to Keri and Andy, you two are exceptional people. Thank you again.
Kim Kohl Herold
I absolutely loved my stay at the Parker! I moved to Rochester and needed a short term place until my house was ready, and the Parker was so flexible with what I needed. I work at St. Mary’s and only had a short walk to get to the shuttle every morning. I felt very safe, loved the charm and decor, and always felt at home. Kari and Andy (the owners) really go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable, they are so kind and friendly if you need anything, and they know all the renters by name. If you need a short (or longer) place to stay in Rochester, I would highly recommend. So much better and cheaper than staying in a hotel!
Shelby Gaylor
Kari has been an exceptionally wonderful host – i was in quite a fix looking for a place in Rochester and she adjusted me on literally a day’s notice and went out of her way to make sure I was accommodated comfortably. I couldn’t be thankful enough! Says volumes about their wonderful work ethic!The Parker is within walking distance of many grocery stores – including ethnic stores – and a very good affordable option for anyone working at Mayo Clinic (Methodist or a few min walk to the shuttle to St Marys). Staying here for a month myself and I easily commute via shuttle to and from St Mary’s everyday. As far as the quality of the room itself goes; even though people have qualms about basement units, I have to say my unit is exceptionally comfortable. It has a comfortably high ceiling and is well-lit, not claustrophobic at all. Plus, all facilities are within reach. All in all, this has been a lovely stay! Kudos to these guys!
Areeba Siddiqui
Zach Riesberg
This is a very well maintained property. But more important the Managers go out of their way to make each tenant feel like they are important and part of a family. I don’t know how they can remember each tenants name, even with the high turnover due to the nature of their tenants.
Greg Harris
I have lived at The Parker for about 4 months and I have very much enjoyed the experience. From the beginning I was impressed by how fast the process was from first tour to my lease and by the flexibility they allowed in the development of my lease. It is definitely a different situation than I was used due to the offsite parking and shared kitchen, but they were easily adapted to and not really an inconvenience. Overall I have loved my time living here for the location, facility and price and would recommend it to anyone needing short term living in Rochester.
Tim Breider
I planned on living in the Parker for one month while I found a lease for my year in Rochester, but I was so happy with my time there that I decided to stay for the whole year. As a student working at Mayo it is hard to beat the convenience of the Parker’s location. I can get from my door at Mayo to my desk in the hospital in less than 10 minutes walking, and on off days we are a short walk to the best coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and nightlife in Rochester. I love the community in the Rochester and I have met several interesting people from around the country and around the world. Kari and Andy make living here incredibly convenient–with everything from great furnishings to easy payments. They are always around making life easier for us and they are always there to chat or help when you need them–the great community at the Parker starts with them. Overall, I am extremely happy with the value and the experience I have had at the Parker.
Fady Baky
The location is downtown and very convenient! The landlords are amazing, thoughtful, and really outgoing too. On top of it all, it’s a family-owned business! Especially if you are looking for short-term/affordable housing, you won’t find anywhere better.
Kristen White
I started my stay at the Parker in late May. I was looking for a place to stay during my internship in Rochester, and didn’t want to go through the hassle of bring my entire life with me, including signing up for utilities and moving furniture, for my 6 months here. Although it is a very different lifestyle not having a kitchen in my room, the units are well equipped and are an excellent choice for those needing a place to stay for a short or even long period of time. I plan on staying here at the Parker for the full term of my internship and hope that this review might help others coming to Rochester in the future, trying to decide whether this sort living situation would be a good fit for them.
Jacob A. Harris
Andy and Kari are seriously the BEST. They are so accommodating and really make sure that you have everything you need. The communal kitchen is always so clean and Kari and Andy leave snacks for the residents! I was only here for a 6 week stay but the rent is affordable and the location is perfect, especially if you are working at Mayo!
Anjali Thota
Basic, straightforward accommodation, with a TV, microwave, fridge, and bathroom in-room. One community kitchen downstairs for the building.
Gautam Ramesh
I commute to work, so when I’m scheduled for three or more days in a row or on call I stay here! It’s affordable and convenient! Even with the construction going on they try to be accommodating as possible.
Lauren Nicole
I am living in Rochester for a 3 month clinical rotation and the Parker has been perfect. The rooms are clean, furnished and perfect for short stays. They have also been incredibly accommodating with my move in! Additionally paying rent online is an absolute godsend for busy days. The kitchen has been great to cook in after a long day and there is always someone friendly to meet. I feel safe and very comfortable living here!
Anna Annecca
The Parker is a great place for short-term housing with a friendly and safe atmosphere! The owners are always willing to go above and beyond for each and every resident! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a short-term stay in Rochester, MN!
Meg LeBlanc
The Parker is a perfect choice for visiting medical students or patients since it is walking distance from the Mayo Clinic. The price is very reasonable and affordable compared to other places downtown, and the service I received was excellent. Kari and her partner are very prompt at receiving maintenance requests. The kitchen is fully furnished and is always kept clean. The only thing that might be annoying during the stay at the Parker this time is there is construction going on everyday right next to the building. But if you work during business hours then the night in the room is relatively quiet.
Thanh Nguyen
The Parker is a great cost/benefits. Is clean, organize and the proprietaries are very attentive to help if you need. It have a good structure to receive the renters, beyond of be close to downtown, what facilitates the life of those who have just arrived.
Fabiano Peres
I stayed at the Parker for about 8 months. Great position (just downtown), great facilities, affordable room lease. I had no troubles at all.Kari and Andy are very kind and always available.It is definitely the best solution for short- and mid-term in Rochester.Strongly recommended!
Salvatore Poddi
The Parker is a lovely apartment complex right next to the downtown area. The rooms a furnished with everything you need and are very homey. The enviroment at the parker is wonderful since you meet lots of interesting people in the community kitchen. The owners are very good at responding to emails even later at night, its very clear they are invested in this property. Overall its a great place to live.
Benjamin T Scholz
Very updated and clean and quiet! The kitchen is fully stocked with cooking utensils such as blenders, coffee makers, toaster, pots, pans, knifes, mixing bowls, whisks, silverware, plates​ and much more making the move to the Parker seamless! Everyone living in the building is very friendly
Jennifer Nordlund
My experience at The Parker has been overwhelmingly positive. Compared to my other options for my short-term (10 week) stay in Rochester, the Parker was either more affordable or closer to downtown or both. The room, while small, has everything necessary. The community kitchen is wonderful and everything feels up to date and well thought out. The best part about my stay here is the owners. Both are incredibly kind people who have gone out of their own ways to ensure that my stay in The Parker, and Rochester as a whole, has been a positive one. If I am ever staying in Rochester again I will definitely be doing it at The Parker.
Nolan Vale
Fantastic short term housing, would recommend! The facility has everything and anything you could need and if not management is there to help. Kari and Andy take pride in their clients and are very quick to respond with questions/concerns. All utilities are tied in with rent making it that much easier for short term stays. It doesn’t get much better than The Parker!
Matthew Schleusner
The Parker was an excellent living situation and solution! I was new to Rochester and I needed a short-term place (3 months) to live. I found The Parker through the internet and the price per month for short-term living is unmatched as well as the wonderful renovations. It is in such a great location, quiet, safe, the rooms are well furnished with private baths, so you truly just need bedding and towels, and the kitchen is fully stocked and always kept very clean. The owners are also incredibly attentive and quick to respond to any issues or problems that arise! I would recommend The Parker to any patient, resident, visitor, etc.!
Nicole Burns
As someone who needed to move to Rochester fairly quickly, there weren’t a lot of options for housing that I could afford, let alone get into on such short notice. I stumbled upon The Parker and I’m glad I did. The month to month leases are incredibly affordable and the building offers just what you need: proximity to downtown/Mayo, cleanliness, and hospitable neighbors. Overall, The Parker exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more thankful of Kari and Andy’s hospitality. Such friendly owners. You’d be hard pressed to find another place like it.
Jillian Kaniss
As a Visiting Clinician at the Mayo Clinic, all I needed was a place to sleep, cook, and study. I looked at standard hotel rooms for a 2 month stay and the rates added up to several thousand dollars. I looked at apartments in Rochester and they are limited and there is little you can get for less than $1000 a month, or twice that to be able to walk to the Clinic and the hospitals. I found the Parker on a local Rochester apartment site, and took a chance. It was a great decision. I got their smallest room for about $650 a month, and with the savings, had my food and entertainment paid for. It is a simple walk to the Clinic and Methodist and the shuttle to St. Mary’s. On nice days its 4minutes to the clinic and 15 to St Mary’s. When it rains or snows, it is one block from the skyways so you never have more than a block outdoors. It is 100 feet from an ethnic grocery store with attached restaurant and 200 yards from the Civic Center and library and a 20 mile system of interconnected bike and walking trails and only 4-6 blocks to all the downtown bars and restaurants. The room is sparse and the furniture adequate with dorm fridge and microwave, comfortable bed, best hot water shower with great water pressure, and a new heating and cooling system. The building is freshly renovated, and spotless. A common commercial kitchen and social area gives ample freezer and fridge space and use of the stove. Some fantastic social encounters with interesting local, national, and international grad students, medical students, clinicians, and others occurs at times.The best part about the hotel/apartment building is that is has its owners on site daily with fruit or snacks, advice, assistance, and maintenance. While it is not a European architectural treasure, its owners involvement and presence and attention reminds me in a way of a deluxe boutique European hotel. They have invested heavily in this property and are committed to making this a great experience for their guests and also in improving the community. The only negatives was that I had to adjust to a small, college dorm size room instead of my usual Hampton Inn or similar away from home stay. We also had to walk an extra distance (2 blocks) due to some aggressive road construction in front of the hotel while we were there. For some, having a Salvation Army building nearby might be an issue but in my 6 weeks, I never felt unsafe or had any bad encounters. I would highly recommend this without reservation to the budget conscious traveller or student that needs to visit Mayo or Rochester for a month or more.
Robert Gillio
The Parker is an affordable, clean, safe, warm, and welcoming place to make a home away from home while in Rochester! The complex has all you need and more and the owners, Kari and Andy, truly make it such a pleasant and easy stay. I would recommend The Parker to everyone, and wish this type of place was in more cities.
Marisa Johnson
Enjoyed my stay here, reasonably priced with good amenities, Kari & Andy always helpful….truly genuine
Jeffrey Watson
Good service, clean rooms, good location. Would recommend!
Laurens Janssens
Jess McMaster
The management of The Parker have big hearts, and it shows in the way they brought The Parker back to life.
Nicole Townsend
Allysa Rae Evans
John Anderson
Excellent remodeling and upgrades! A new and convenient home away from home for anyone looking for a place to rent in Rochester.
Tyler J. Aug
Caity Ann
Beautifully renovated and a great location! Close to all the fun amenities downtown Rochester has to offer!
Shannon Wilhelm Amundson
Adam Hoffman
All the comforts of home right across the street from Mayo–very convenient! Management is flexible and very accommodating.
Rebecca Ashbeck
Inviting and well renovated. Easy to work with and friendly management.
Emily Peterson
The Parker is a beautiful, safe, quiet home away from home. The location is extremely convenient for anyone visiting the clinic.
Melissa McManimon Burnett

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The Parker is an excellent option for short or long-term stays. They have various sizes of rooms that have both a mini fridge and a microwave. The bathrooms are excellent size also. There is a great community style kitchen, open to everyone that is great for meeting and mingling with other guests. I highly recommend this for anyone in Rochester for something, especially at the Mayo Clinic. It is a 2-3 min walk away down Center Street. Kari bends over backwards to assure that your stay is optimized. They even offer to clean the room ($20-40 charge) if you cannot stay or just do not want to. Book it early or there will be no vacancy!read more
David Charles
18:54 24 Sep 17
I stayed for a month and was very pleased with the service. The staff is very helpful, friendly, and courteous. Kari went above and beyond to make my stay enjoyable. The room was neat and functional for a medical student, and having a microwave oven and fridge in the room is quite convenient. The other guests are also respectful and the place is very quiet, even on weekends. You can leave your food items in the kitchen without worrying that someone will take them. The laundry area downstairs is also convenient and though small, I’ve never had to wait to wash my things. The place is a 3-5 minute walk from the Mayo Clinic downtown so it’s perfect for those doing rotations there. There are restaurants nearby as well and a shop for basic supplies a few metres away. My suggestion would be to have a breakfast service as many people who stay there leave fairly early in the morning and it would be nice to be able to eat something quickly before heading out if there’s isn’t much time for one to do that personally. Also, the shower stall is a little small so manoeuvring is tricky at times. Overall, it’s great place to stay and would recommend more
Thea Recai
15:55 12 Sep 17
The Parker was perfect for what I needed while I did a rotation at the Mayo Clinic. It’s just a few blocks from the downtown campus, so it’s a nice easy walk in the mornings. The kitchen was great at had everything I needed. Kari and Andy are both very nice and are great to work with. I would highly recommend The Parker to anyone!read more
Chad Duncan
00:06 01 Oct 17
As a student, The Parker made an awesome housing choice in walking distance of both the downtown Mayo Clinic and St. Mary’s campus. Everything was clean, quiet, and efficient! I appreciated the friendly and helpful staff. They went above and beyond in adding extra touches like coffee, snacks, and maps of the area to make you feel welcome and at home. Highly recommended!!read more
Diana Marie
11:45 07 Sep 17
I’m a long term resident of the Parker and I have had a wonderful experience. The location is impossible to beat as you can get to the Downtown Mayo buildings in ~5 minutes on foot. The rooms are converted hotel rooms that the owners have done a great job restoring. They are well updated and clean with large windows, and come fully furnished at a great price. The community here is great! That starts with the owners who are always around and happy to help with anything. When I bought a new bike, Andy took at least an hour out of his day to help me assemble it! They have given me tips for shops, restaurants and things to do in town, and are always around to chat. The shared kitchen is spacious, and there are always interesting people around to hang out with as you prepare your meals. Overall, extremely pleased with my experience more
Fady Baky
16:01 23 Jul 17

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  • Excellent – 5 Star – Tola

    I really enjoyed staying here. Kari made it a home away from home and was very accommodating – even to my last minute request. I strongly recommend the Parker Rochester for short and longer term stays in Rochester !

  • Excellent – 5 Star – Mike

    Great place to live for a short term!!!!!! Hands down one of the best places for short term living in Rochester. I would recommend The Parker to everyone!!!!!!

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